I Work With Teams, Players, and Coaches Maximizing Performance on the Field and Changing Lives Off the Field. My Passion is Getting Players to Execute with Precision on a Consistent Basis. As an Expert in Human Performance, I Use My Gifts to Unlock Untapped Potential unique to Each Player, Each Coach, Each Team. In Integrate the Latest Research from Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Neuropsychology, Neurophysics, Sport & Social Sciences, Increasing Physical Performance and Peak Experience Known as “Flow” or “Being in the Zone”. I Specialize in the “Mental Game” Increasing Focus, Confidence, and the Ability to Learn, Remember the Playbook, Personnel Packages, and enhance Precise Execution on the Field. Other Benefits Include Decreased Turnovers, Penalties, Fumbles, and Mental Mistakes. On the Sidelines I Use My Ninja Skills to Alter Players Emotional States That Make Them Perform Better in the Game. My Work Also Includes Changing a Player’s Biomechanics for Improved Strength, Power, Precision Movement, and Speed. I Work Closely With the Players and the Coaching Staff on the Practice Field, Meeting Rooms, and During the Game. Quarterbacks are My Specialty. Being an Experienced QB-Receivers Coach I Know How to Get QBS to Tap into Their Full Potential. The QBS I Work With Play Smarter, Stay Poised in the Pocket, Perform Better Under Pressure, and make Better Decisions.